Patriotic Car Rally Instructions

Portland Patriotic Car Rally Instructions


Congratulations on joining this exciting, interactive adventure touring the greater Portland area in a quest for patriotic knowledge and insight. You will be visiting ten patriotic sites on a 50-mile loop. It will take approximately three hours if you drive the most efficient route and take five minutes at each stop.


You Will Need

A vehicle (with enough fuel for the drive)

Your crew (driver and as many people as you can talk into coming with you)

A few bucks

One or more smart phones or tablets in the car (more phones = more fun). Make sure your phone is charged. You may wish to have a charging cable in the car. If you don't have a working phone, you will be dead in the water.

     • Navigation app (Google maps, Apple maps, Waze, etc.)

     • Web search app (Google, etc.)

     • Photo app (you will be asked to take a group photo at each stop to prove you were there)

Please be careful with the children as most of these stops are all close to roadways.


The Goal

The goal of this event is to visit as many of the sites as possible and complete the car rally accumulating as many points as possible. Each site is worth ten points. You will be making ten stops throughout the Greater Portland area, so the total is 100 points. There are extra credit opportunities on the route. 



Below are a few instructions to help you make this event as enjoyable as possible. Please read all instructions carefully as they hold clues that are essential for you to successfully complete the course.

To start your time, you must go to the first stop and take a photo of your crew (all the people in a single vehicle) along with the name you have chosen for your crew. One person in the photo must hold up the number of fingers representing how many people are in your crew. Text that photo and info to 503-314-3773.

In order to access each clue sheet you will need to enter a password. All passwords will be in lowercase. NO CAPS!

At each site you will take a group photo. All photos must be in landscape (horizontal) orientation. Extra credit information must be visible within the photo, not texted as additional information.

When you have completed the course, text all your photos together along with the name of your crew to 503-314-3773. This will end your time. We will add up your score and let you know where you rank. Receiving a moving violation, including flash-cameras, will disqualify you.


Some Things to Bear in Mind

Google is your friend

Wikipedia is your friend 

Ready to get started?