COVID-19 Updates

Updated 1.12.22


This Sabbath, January 15, is the first week we're meeting in the Fellowship Hall for our worship service because of ongoing construction in the Sanctuary. We anticipate being out of the Sanctuary for 6-8 weeks.  


Sabbath school classes will meet as usual. 


  1. 1. John Gobble's Sabbath School group will meet in the Old Library (the room next to the women's restroom on the east side of the church.) 


  3. 2. Lynn Creitz's Sabbath School group will meet in the Conference Room.  



In light of the surging COVID cases in Oregon, the Church Board voted the following:


  1. 1. Because the Fellowship Hall is smaller than the Sanctuary, we've decided to limit seating to 100 for now. Overflow seating with a screen will be available in the Foyer.


  1. 2. We're postponing Potlucks until it is safe to have them. (Hopefully soon.)



While we encourage at-risk individuals to think carefully before attending, you're welcome to make your own decisions. For all who do attend, we ask you to:

  1. Wear a mask at all times. (We know this isn't easy for some, but this is a requirement for attendance.)

  2. Maintain distance.


Thank you for being so patient and understanding.